• Título An Investigation of the Laws of Thought : George Boole
  • Autor George Boole
  • Idioma English
  • Editorial Independently Published
  • Formato Papel
  • Cubierta Blanda
  • ISBN 9781074790400
  • Número de páginas 336


PREFACEA citation which he has not believed upon careful examination to be supportedeither by parallel authorities, or by the general tenor of the work from whichit was taken. While he would gladly have avoided the introduction of anythingwhich might by possibility be construed into the parade of learning, he felt itto be due both to his subject and to the truth, that the statements in the textshould be accompanied by the means of verification. And if now, in bringingto its close a labour, of the extent of which few persons will be able to judgefrom its apparent fruits, he may be permitted to speak for a single momentof the feelings with which he has pursued, and with which he now lays aside, his task, he would say, that he never doubted that it was worthy of his bestefforts; that he felt that whatever of truth it might bring to light was not aprivate or arbitrary thing, not dependent, as to its essence, upon any humanopinion. He was fully aware that learned and able men maintained opinionsupon the subject of Logic directly opposed to the views upon which the entireargument and procedure of his work rested. While he believed those opinions tobe erroneous, he was conscious that his own views might insensibly be warpedby an influence of another kind. He felt in an especial manner the danger of thatintellectual bias which long attention to a particular aspect of truth tends toproduce. But he trusts that out of this conflict of opinions the same truth willbut emerge the more free from any personal admixture; that its different partswill be seen in their just proportion; and that none of them will eventually betoo highly valued or too lightly regarded because of the prejudices which mayattach to the mere form of its exposition

Medidas: 216 x 279 x 18mm
Peso: 780gr
Cubierta: Tapa blanda
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An Investigation Of The Laws Of Thought : George Boole

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