• Título Tug of Love : Glynnis Rogero
  • Autor Glynnis Rogero
  • Idioma English
  • Editorial Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Formato Papel
  • Cubierta Blanda
  • ISBN 9781499112801
  • Número de páginas 354


Im madder than a baby gator being swung by its tail! My best friend, Lucy, just told me I need to see a shrink because I have trust issues with men. A shrink! Really!? Me, Jamie Fulton, crazy? No way. Unless you call it crazy to have trusted my toxic, schizo father and my diabolical almost husband with my heart. Even after three years, I still feel like a gullible fool every time I think of how I was one of those women in love who trusted blindly, when there were signs that something was wonky about him all along. NOW IM OUT OF TRUST AND OFF MEN. In Lucys defense, maybe I am just a teensy bit callous to the men I come into contact with in my busy life as a divorce attorney. Especially since I specialize in high-net-worth divorces and litigation. And, I only accept female clients. My reasons for the females only rule is two-fold: First, is my desire to see these women get what they deserve - a return of their dignity. Even though most of them readily admit that their lives are hardly a romantic love story any longer, and definitely not a romantic comedy - they are shocked when their husband asks for a divorce. Of course, sometimes its the woman who initiates the divorce. But, I always give the benefit of the doubt to the woman as to her reasons, and Im usually proven right. Although, there is the occasional gold-digger that slithers under my door. My second reason could be construed as a little over the top considering these husbands arent my problem, but...I derive almost as much pleasure out of seeing them squirm as their wives do. Maybe more. The husbands attorney (the males at least) call me The Barracuda behind my back. Do I care? About as much as the size of a no-see-um. So...Lucy already had some heavy ammunition, even before I met a gorgeous man named Mick a few weeks ago in a most, lets just say, unusual way. I reject all of his attempts to befriend me, in the days and weeks following our meeting. Lucy hears about Mick and tries to play matchmaker, but Im having none of it. Then Lucy tells me I need to see someone about my trust issues with men. To reiterate - NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I barely restrain myself from throwing a great big ole hissy fit right here in the parking lot of my office building. I hold it together only because a hissy fit wouldnt reflect well on my practice. Undeterred, Lucy calls me out using dirty, underhanded tactics. She takes my shoulders, looks directly into my eyes and says sweetly, Dont you want your very own romantic love story, Jamie? Then the kicker, Dont you want babies? Okay, okay already, Ill go see a shrink! But, theres no way a shrink is going to fix my issues, theyre too ingrained in my personality. Besides, I told her, Im perfectly willing to forego romance and go to the bank. She had the nerve to laugh in my face. Of course, I couldnt stay mad at Lucy for long. Every year she and I take a mini-vacation for our birthdays. We decide to go to a Fort Myers Beach Hotel for mine. Im enjoying the sun, the serenity, the frozen daiquiris and my newly acquired beach read - a romantic comedy. Lucy asks me if its one of those historical or contemporary love stories? I lie and tell her its a contemporary drama that just happens to include a bit of romance. She almost gets away with her mmmhum along with a knowing look over the top of her sunglasses that says Im a sucker for romance. I stick my tongue out at her. Hey, I might be off men but womens fiction often includes a romantic love story, so sue me. Later in the day we kayak to a secluded island where we run into Mick. Really!? He has me spitting fire one minute and humiliated to the point of wanting to bury myself head first in the sand the next. Hell, who needs a book; my lifes a contemporary drama! Then Lucy does something that sends me into a tailspin. Will Lucy ever be able to forgive me for what comes next? Will I ever be able to trust men? The jury

Medidas: 152 x 229 x 19mm
Peso: 475gr
Cubierta: Tapa blanda
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Tug Of Love : Glynnis Rogero

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