• Título Aws : William J Gardner
  • Autor William J Gardner
  • Idioma English
  • Editorial Independently Published
  • Formato Papel
  • Cubierta Blanda
  • ISBN 9781701247413
  • Número de páginas 128


Enter Into The World Of AWS To Discover Its Endless Cloud Computing Capabilities That Enable You To Play In The Big League Even If It Is A Small Business!

Cloud computing is touted as the future of deploying secured web solutions cheaply and efficiently for businesses that want to focus on their core business (i.e. their products and services) as opposed to managing a full-fledged IT team and systems.

At the heart of cloud computing is Amazons AWS, the best of its kind, which is touted as being light years ahead of the rest in terms of scalability, reliability, flexibility cost effectiveness, ease of use and much more!

It is no wonder it brings Amazon over $25 billion a year,boasting of customers like Netflix, Reddit, Nokia, Dow Jones, Pinterest, Expedia and many other businesses of different sizes!

But what exactly is this AWS?

What does it do?

How does AWS compare with the competition?

How can a business leverage its power?

How secure is it?

Do you need to understand the technical parts of AWS to make a decision?

Do you need to be big pocketed to adopt AWS in your business?

This book will answer each one of these questions and others so that at the end, you can make an informed decision whether to adopt AWS in your business.

And no, you dont need to understand complex algorithms, math and complicated technical terms; the book is written for complete beginners/end users (business owners and executives) who dont care about the implementation part but want enough information to decide whether AWS is a good fit.

If you are looking for a book that goes deep and wide on the A-Z of AWS as the go-to cloud computing service, this is your book!

The book will teach you:
Why cloud computing is the future of scaling businesses fast irrespective of its sizeThe different players in cloud computing and how each one compares with AWSSome misguided ideas you may be having about AWS as a serviceWhat makes AWS the superior cloud computing solutionWhy and how AWS can catapult your business to unimaginable heightsHow and why Amazon came up with AWS and how it has since become a $25 billion line of business thats being used by some of the fastest growing companies in the worldThe different features of AWS service offerings, including how they stand out from all the other cloud computing solutionsHow to adopt different optional AWS services to better your user experienceCritical AWS development tools and application services that can take your business to new heights through leveraging the power of such capabilities like big data, data science, analytics, artificial intelligence and much moreThe limitations of AWS so that you set your expectations right and perhaps decide whether it is the right thing for youThe concept of relational databases, including how and why it is a big part of what makes AWS stand outAnd much more!

If you wish to adopt cloud computing for your business, AWS is hands off the best of its kind!

And this book shows why and how that is so?

Do you want to learn the details?

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Aws : William J Gardner

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